5 Reasons Why Customer Reviews Are Essential to Modern Business

At Reputation Lobby, we know what it takes to maintain a positive and engaging online presence for your business. You may recognize the obvious value of customer feedback, but online reviews have much more sway in modern business than you might realize. Consider the following reasons why customer reviews are essential to your business.


Word of Mouth Is Powerful

People are generally more likely to do business with a brand if they hear positive things about that brand from their friends. The reviews of your goods and services can entice new buyers to your brand, and word of mouth recommendations are very powerful.


Paving the Way for Improvement

Customer reviews will let you know what your customers love about your brand, but they will also show where you need to improve. Do your customers generally report fantastic product quality but lackluster shipping time or customer service? Use your customers’ feedback to improve your workflows and find new opportunities for growth.


Improved Search Rankings

Search results are everything to online commerce, and having a large quantity of genuine customer reviews on your website will improve your site’s rankings in search engine results. Search engines want to connect searchers with the most relevant results, and if your site attracts lots of reviews, search engines will consider this traffic when ranking your website.


Create Better Experiences

Allowing your customers to post reviews about your brand online is fantastic, but it’s what you do with that feedback that really impacts the customer experience. If your customers see you collect feedback, respond to it, and implement changes that reflect your customers’ wishes, they will respect that and be more likely to do business with your brand.

Reviews Create More Reviews

When customers notice reviews on your website, it encourages them to post their own feedback. If their experience runs contrary to other reviewers’, it will spur them to post their own reviews and provide you with a larger pool of feedback.


These are just a few of the ways customer reviews boost your business. Contact Reputation Lobby if you’re interested in leveraging the power of customer feedback for even better results.


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