How Your CEO Can Influence The Online Reputation Of Your Company

student-849825_640Being the CEO of your company means more than just being in charge of operations. It also means that you are the ‘face’ of the company. In other words, you have a lot of influence over what people think about your organization as a whole.

Here are just a few ways that you can influence the online reputation of your business – for better or for worse:



  • As the topmost representative of your company – it is essential that you have an online presence separate from your company. In other words, tweets and instagram photos from your personal account should not be only of your office or meetings
  • Be available on social media – coordinate office hours or Q&A times when you will be available on Twitter or Facebook for conversations with employees or clients. Make it a regular occasion that occurs monthly or quarterly to build those relationships.
  • Be active on Linkedin and publish high-quality articles and posts about your industry. Being a thought-leader can happen very organically if you are consistently active on social media platforms – not all of them, only the ones that your target audience uses
  • Be approachable in your online presence. Make your Facebook page as real as possible, post family photos or weekend pictures on instagram, tweet your thoughts and opinions about current events (non-controversial). Help people to know who you are as a person – not just a business owner
  • Encourage integrity by modeling it. The saying ‘stuff rolls downhill’ is more true now than ever. The way that you act and carry yourself is exactly how your employees will act and thus, who your business will attract. You want people to come to your business who are honest and act with integrity
  • Ask for feedback. This in itself is a measure towards encouraging integrity. Asking for feedback and gracefully receiving can be very humbling. But, your customers want to see that you are a stand up person and will take the good with the bad. More importantly, that you will do something with their feedback.
  • Always be encouraging conversation and the sharing of information. If you post a link to an article on Linkedin and someone asks you a question – give the information freely in the comments. Don’t try to take the conversation offline and only give the information to the person who asked. Giving away a little bit of information for free, will strengthen your online reputation as a thought-leader, which is invaluable.


Be thoughtful of how your online reputation as the CEO of your company influences the online reputation of your business.


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