Common Causes of Negative Online Reviews from Consumers and Ways to Avoid Them, Part 2

Receiving complaints is a reality of running a business, even when you’re doing all you can to ensure customer satisfaction. Receiving customer complaints is inevitable, but knowing how to handle them is the key to successfully tackling any problems that may arise online. Here’s Part 2 of our guide to some of the most prominent customer complaints and how you can manage them successfully to protect the online reputation of your company.


Negative Environment


Customers are bound to complain when they encounter a messy lobby, dirty bathrooms, loud music, or extreme temperatures. Customers are also prone to complaining if they can’t quickly find areas or products. It’s important to take a good, hard look at your facility to avoid receiving this complaint. Examine the bathrooms and all other spaces to get a better idea of their quality and condition.


You may also want to consider asking customers directly for their input by posting signs in common areas inviting them to speak with you if they encounter a problem. Asking them to express their opinions on all elements of the atmosphere in person, such as the noise level, temperature settings, and store layout, can be instrumental in preventing customers from becoming frustrated and taking their business elsewhere.


Ineffective Communication


In some circumstances, you may not be able to provide customers with the services or products they’ve requested. No matter what the cause may be, these instances are prone to compelling complaints. However, the complaints tend to become worse when companies are not forthright about problems, neglect to follow up with customer requests, or do not get in touch with consumers in pursuit of finding a solution.


Some accidents are unavoidable, but you can strengthen the line of communication between your business and your customers by striving to be clear and available at all times. Establishing a 24/7 customer service line, investing in customer relationship management software, or simply providing a personal phone number that customers can call in the event of an issue are all effective methods of opening the lines of communication and preventing issues that arise as a result of a lack of correspondence between you and your customers.

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