How to Create Customer Profiles

Every company needs to understand their market, and this means more than simply selling attractive products and services at competitive prices. Customer profiles help marketers reach their ideal customers more easily, and it’s important to know how to create these profiles for your business.

Your Core Customer

Core customers are the ones who convert quickly and stay with your brand the longest; these customers find your particular brand valuable and relevant to their unique needs. Develop a profile of the type of person you think values your products and services. Brainstorm different ways your products and services appeal to them and start thinking of ways to capitalize on this. Remember to refrain from alienating your core customers as you develop new products and services which appeal to a wider market.

Measuring Leads

ou should also develop customer profiles for the different types of leads you earn through marketing. “Warm” leads are the ones most likely to convert, while “cool” leads may require some nurturing before they engage more with your brand. Develop a profile for an example customer that fits each type. Determine their potential as customers and what aspects of your brand they likely find most appealing. Think of ways to adapt your marketing strategy to account for warm and cool leads or consider creating new separate strategies specifically designed to convert these leads

Apply Your Profiles to Major Decisions

Every business needs to put the customer first, regardless of whether the customer is a consumer or another business. Develop profiles that act as archetypes for the different types of customers you want to attract to your brand. You can expand your profiles by making strategic business decisions and focusing your marketing on the channels most likely to attract customers that meet your profiles. 

Ultimately, a customer profile should be an example of your ideal customer. Think about the customer’s desires, goals, experience, and social status. These factors can help make more informed marketing decisions and reach a wider audience more likely to convert to your brand.  

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