Adding Customers for review requests:

1) Enter the email address you signed up with. If you cannot remember that email please visit my account. At the top of your account page you will find all of your company data you provided, including the email needed for this form.

2) Select the option you would like to submit the emails with. You have two options in the tab below, Manually & CSV Upload. Below you will find further instruction for each upload type.

Manually adding customers for review requests:

1) Using the manual input form for a single customer:
– Enter customers first name, last name & email.
– Hit submit addresses
2) Using the manual input form for multiple customers:
– Enter customers first name, last name & email.
– Click add another address
– Once all addresses are entered hit submit addresses

Uploading a CSV file of customers for review requests:

If you have a csv file (a file that you downloaded from your CRM with customer name & email):

  • Click the Select CSV button
  • Choose the CSV file you want to add (please make sure it includes your customer names and emails)
  • Click the Upload CSV button
  • If you prefer or if you run across problems you can have us handle the upload by emailing us your file

That’s it. Your done. The files will be uploaded and your customers will receive a request to review the service you provided. Download a sample

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